Dimensions: 31H x 47 Wx 14Dcm, 12.2” x 18.5” x 5.5”
Wide open: 31H x 54W x 20Dcm, 12.2” x 21.3” x 7.9”

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As I am getting ready to travel to Harar and visit family or preparing to feed the hyenas , my Azamir bag is a must hold. It fashionable yet very travel friendly, even for what can be a long and rough journey. It likewise serves me well as I board the plane in Durban for a long flight back to Addis. This chic bag is made with rusty black leather highlighted in light brown.
Features a top entry zipper, back zipper pocket, front zipper pocket for keys or small accessories, three interior pockets, and ZAAF signature cow horn logo. It is complemented by a ‘Z’ tilet. Extremely versatile, it can be resized by using magnets on the side.