As I am getting ready to travel to Harar and visit family or preparing to feed the hyenas , my Azamir bag is a must hold. It fashionable yet very travel friendly, even for what can be a long and rough journey. It likewise serves me well as I board the plane in Durban for a long flight back to Addis. This chic bag is made with rusty black leather highlighted in light brown.
Features a top entry zipper, back zipper pocket, front zipper pocket for keys or small accessories, three interior pockets, and ZAAF signature cow horn logo. It is complemented by an ambessa brown and green ‘Z’ tilet. Extremely versatile, it can be resized by using magnets on the side.
Available in three colors: Soft Black, Ocean Blue and Forest Green.
Dimensions: 31H x 47 Wx 14Dcm, 12.2” x 18.5” x 5.5”
Wide open: 31H x 54W x 20Dcm, 12.2” x 21.3” x 7.9”

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