Sapinda Purse


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Names that echo through history often have one thing in common:


Defying the odds. Standing up for what one believe in. At ZAAF, when we think of boldness, we think about the first Ethiopian and African female pilot to ever fly solo.

Assegedech Assefa.

When Assegedech took up flying as a hobby in the 1950s, she did so to the surprise of many, the annoyance of others, and the encouragement of just a few.

Our Sapinda bag is for the strong-willed who embody the spirit of Assegedech. For those brazen trendsetters that know what they want and understand how to get it, and refuse to conform. Grab your Sapinda and choose your runway.

Dimensions: 20W x 12H x 7.5D cm / 8W x 5H x 3D in